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Cordova/PhoneGap Installation Guide

Part of my job involves working with PhoneGap/Cordova to build mobile applications from HTML, CSS and JavaScript applications. When it came time to install all of the necessary components, I found it was not as straightforward as it could have been.

I managed to muddle my way through the installation process using bits and pieces of information gleaned from The Almighty Google; here is a break-down of everything I had to do to begin building with Cordova.

Note: This installation guide is relevant to Windows users.

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SQL Injection – A Primer

One of the most widespread software vulnerabilities to afflict websites is SQL injection. Poor coding standards, lax security and a misplaced belief that scripting languages are inherently secure can open your website up to numerous and potentially damaging attacks.

Over the course of this post, I will cover the main reasons why you should be concerned and go over some simple steps you can take to make sure that your code is secure.

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Local and Session Storage

With the advent of HTML5, data storage on a user’s local machine is possible without the need for cookies. The localStorage object allows us to store persistent data, in a key-value pair fashion. There is also a sessionStorage object in which we can store key-value pairs, the data for which is cleared when the user closes their browser window.

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Random SQL Queries

A year or so ago I was given the task of returning rows of data from a MySQL table in a randomised fashion. This in itself is fairly easy but the project which I was working on displays the data in a paginated format so a constantly shifting random data order would not work. The client also requested that the random order should “re-shuffle” every once in a while.

My solution was to seed the random order with a hash of the current year and month concatenated with each row’s ID value. This means that the random order would be re-shuffled on a monthly basis.

The only caveat of this method is that it’s possible for an end-user of the system to be looking at the site at time of shift, messing up their pagination. But then, with a shifting random order there would always be that possibility!

SELECT *, MD5(CONCAT(DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), '%Y%m'), `id_column`)) AS `rand_col`
FROM `table`
ORDER BY `rand_col` ASC
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