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Sublime Text 3

I’ve been using the awesome Sublime Text for my day-to-day coding for a couple of years now and a few months ago I upgraded to ST 3. I’ve used a number of editors and IDE’s in the past but nothing has come close to winning me over as much as Sublime.

Some of the features I love:

  • Multuple cursors/selections. The first time I Ctrl+clicked my way around a document my mind was blown. It makes batch updates to files and data an absolute breeze. I couldn’t do without them, now.
  • Fuzzy searching. Being able to open /admin/css/print/myprintstyle.css by entering “adcsspricss” is great, in a lazy way.
  • “Goto Anything”. From one keyboard short cut you can jump to a different file, a line in a file and/or a symbol/function definition. Oh and you get the same fuzzy searching throughout.
  • The command palette. Find functionality, apply settings, insert code snippets and access options and preferences from a single text-driven box. Great when you don’t want to search through unfamiliar menus!
  • Customisation.¬†Key bindings, menus, code snippets, command macros, and text completions are all open and editable from JSON-formatted configuration files.
  • Plugin API. Sublime Text has a wealth of 3rd party plugins including (among my favourites):
  • User-definable snippets.
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