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Script Wrappers in PHP

I’m guessing that most web developers with a few years of experience have at least one nightmare client. I’m currently struggling with a total arse of a project. This one in particular was originally built some years ago by a predecessor of mine who, to be fair, was fairly lazy in a lot of respects.

Part of the work I’m currently doing on the site involves moving the whole she-bang over to one of our newer, faster, better severs. The initial move went surprisingly well, (I LOVE WHM’s account transfer features), but I soon hit upon a large stumbling block.

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I’ve just had a nightmare of a development problem. In a nut-shell, I’ve had to import data, (specifically content articles), from one server to another.

This is normally not a problem, but in this instance the source database had each article’s content split into multiple ‘page’ rows. Also, the source database was developed and hosted by another company. They refused to install PHPMyAdmin, (for “security” reasons), and would not give me FTP access. All I had to work with was a terrible database admin system which they’d cobbled together.

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‘Favicons’ and IE

I’ve just had some great fun trying to add a browser Favicon to a website I am working on. We don’t get much client demand for these, so it’s been a while since I’ve had the task of creating one.

I decided to read-up on Wikipedia and on before-hand and followed all of the suggestions therein. The result? Icons which show in Firefox, Safari and Opera but not IE 7 or 6. What a surprise!

A further Google search revealed that IE is a bit strange in it’s handling of Favicons. Apparently, if you already have the site bookmarked without an icon, you must remove then re-add the bookmark to get any new icon to show. Unfortunately I have tried doing this and the icon still fails to display in either my bookmarks, in the location bar or within my page tabs so I’ll have to do some more research.

This is turning into a lot of work for such a simple gimmick…

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